MyGHTi Individual Tourism Survey

Are you a sustainable traveller?

MyGHTi Individual Tourism Survey

Tell us through the MyGHTi Individual Tourism Survey how you feel and what you think about sustainable tourism issues? Good or bad, we’re listening…

The nature of travel is changing. There is growing awareness of the impacts caused by how we chose to travel. Everyone has an opportunity to include sustainable intentions into positive impactful actions. If done with respect for the world’s local communities, environments and biodiversity, travel can broaden horizons, reduce barriers and bring people closer together.

In recent years, residents in popular tourist destinations have been complaining about the negative impacts of tourism. They site issues that reduce their general quality of life and liveable environment like, reduced accessibility to traditional markets and cultural/religious locations, increased prices for accommodation and food, overcrowding in public areas, waste management strain and congestion issues. At the same time, attention has focused on sustainable tourism through increasing demand for a reduction of human impacts on the planet.


MyGHTi Survey Design

This survey is designed to help you understand the issues regarding the impact of your travel plans and how you might reduce negative and improve positive impacts.

The MyGHTi survey is based on the assumption, ‘That individuals and communities primarily identify impacts from a quality of life and liveable environment perspective, and therefore, the core social impacts of tourism are essentially the same in any location or for any person.’

The 25 questions should take 20-30minutes to complete but take your time and reflect on the positives and negatives of tourism.

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and do the Individual Tourism Survey, we’re listening!

Hanging out with locals in Laya, Bhutan

Enjoy the MyGHTi Individual Tourism Survey!

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