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GHT FAQs are some answers to some of the most popular questions, but you may have more, so feel free to Get in Touch. All of the following topics are covered extensively in Nepal Trekking and the Great Himalaya Trail, a guide book published by Trailblazer. It’s a must read if you are considering trekking in the Nepal Himalaya…and is useful for general trekking planning and putting together a trek anywhere in the Himalaya. For GHT India and Bhutan, there is plenty of info on this website.

Can I trek the GHT solo?

Yes, sort of.. for many areas of the Himalaya you require special permits and a minimum group size. Despite this, some folks have managed to complete solo (unassisted traverses) of Nepal. There are some areas of the Indian Himalaya that are open for anyone, but unfortunately not in Bhutan.

Can I contact someone to ask advice?

Yes of course! You can contact the GHTers who have written GHT Trail Talk stories and you can contact Robin through this website. You will quickly realise that GHTers are all willing to help and provide advice to anyone who wants to explore the Himalaya!

Can I get food and shelter along the GHT?

Yes, there are now many teahouses and lodges along the trekking routes in Nepal. In some areas accommodation is be very basic and there are some sections of up to a week, when you must camp. In Bhutan and India, you will need to camp for most of the time. You should extensively research your route before heading out to the hills.

Can I book a GHT trek through this website?

This website is designed to guide you through your GHT planning, so you can only enquire about treks and further information. We do not organise treks, nor do we take bookings for treks.

Where can I buy books and maps about the GHT?

Visit the GHT Shop on this website and you can order books and maps to your hearts content!

Who first trekked the GHT?

Robin Boustead was the first person to trek the highest ‘feasible’ (that others could follow) route along the whole length of the Himalaya.


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