Go Trekking!

There is nowhere else on earth like the Himalaya!

Go Trekking!

Put your boots on, grab your pack, pick up your map and head to the hills!

We’ve organised Go Trekking around 4 themes – GHT Nepal long treks, GHT Nepal short treks, GHT Bhutan treks and GHT India treks. By far the most popular is the GHT Nepal High Route Trek, but all of the others get some action too!

If you have any questions about logistics, timing, seasonality, finding a trekking company, etc please feel free to Get in Touch.

The GHT crosses the Entire Himalaya from Arunachal Pradesh, across Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal and northwest India to Pakistan

Go Trekking across the entire Great Himalaya Trail Map
Tigers Nest West Bhutan

GHT Bhutan Treks

All the information you need to trek in east, central and west Bhutan… or the whole GHT Bhutan in one go!

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Go Trekking GHT Nepal Treks

GHT Nepal Treks

Discover the GHT Nepal High Route, amazing mountains, remote communities, and much more.

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GTH Nepal Short Treks

GHT Nepal Short Treks

All the trails in and around the most famous mountains, plus some hidden gems as well.

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GHT India treks 7 to 82 days

GHT India Treks

Few people trek the remote areas of the India Himalaya, and here’s plenty of trails to enjoy.

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There are hundreds of treks along the Great Himalaya Trail and every single one is magical in its own way. But there are some that offer something really unique for those willing to get off the beaten path...
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