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Great Himalaya Trail

Spanning the length of the Himalaya, across ancient Kingdoms and extraordinary mountains, the Great Himalaya Trail is unlike any hike you ever dreamed of. Engaging communities, humbling hospitality, inspiring wilderness, spectacular trails. Just imagine the most amazing adventure you can think of and then make it Himalayan. Everyone returns home from the GHT with a wealth of tales of epic times, and of people so welcoming that it’s hard to believe.

Explore. Immerse. Challenge. Transform.

The best guide is a local and the kindest place is a home; the essence of travel is the relationship between a guest and their host.

Mindful Trails

The Great Himalaya Trail has positive impact treks from a week to multiple months in Nepal, Bhutan and India. Trek in your own style, at your own pace, and all you only need to decide is when to take the first step.

We hope you enjoy this site and find all the information you need to plan and do your GHT trek across the Himalaya. We’re here to help you plan, so if you have any questions, please get in touch and let’s make your GHT happen.

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GHT Database

Have you trekked the GHT?

Himalayan Adventure Labs and the GHT keep a record of GHT crossings in Nepal, India and Bhutan.

Please get in touch or register with HAL if you’d like to be on a legendary list!

GHT Positive Impact Journeys

Be thoughtful and responsible on the trail and make your Great Himalaya Trail trek good news for others too. We calculate the social impact, and CO2 and waste footprints of every GHT trek, plus we help you to find ways to leave a positive legacy after you’ve gone home.

Give Something Back

Give Something Back – Leave a positive legacy

Impact of your trek

The Impact of Your Trek – Social, CO2 and Waste


The MyGHTi Project – Benefiting communities

Which Style of GHT Trek?

There are three main ‘styles’ of trekking the Great Himalaya Trail, each of which has pros and cons. Your choice will depend on your desired route, available time, personal preferences and how much do treks cost?


There are hundreds of treks along the Great Himalaya Trail and every single one is magical in its own way. But there are some that offer something really unique for those willing to get off the beaten path...

Great Himalaya Trail Planning, Maps and Guides

We’ve got everything you need to know to plan your own trek in Nepal, Bhutan or India.

GHT Nepal Route Map

Download GHT Maps for FREE!!

We’ve added low resolution Great Himalaya Trail maps of Nepal, Bhutan and India to our Flickr account and you can download them for free! If you need higher resolution maps, then you can purchase the entire set through the GHT Shop and we’ll send them to you by
Happy planing!!


Fellow GHTers share their stories to help inspire you to discover the Himalaya and they share tips and hints for preparing for your trek, finding the right operator and much, much more...

Check out the Great Himalaya Trail in the news!

Here’s a selection of stories about trekking the GHT from news media around the world…

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