First Decisions

The first decisions you make are the beginning of your GHT!

First Decisions…

The Himalaya is one of the world’s best trekking destinations with thousands of trails and endless mountain views. Making the right first decisions and choosing the right trek to suit your holiday has become a challenge in itself as Bhutan, India and Nepal. But be reassured that there is a path for everyone, regardless of fitness level, experience or time available.

Your first decisions are, when to trek, what style of trek best suits your needs, and which destination matches your expectations of the Himalaya? In taking the time to carefully consider these things there is a much greater chance of returning home having had a memorable experience. You never know, you may end up wanting to trek every region by doing the Great Himalaya Trail and immerse yourself entirely in the various cultures of the high Himalaya!


When to Trek?

The most important factor in deciding when to trek in the Himalaya is the weather, which has a monsoonal climate; heavy rains driven north from the Bay of Bengal engulf the region from June/July to September/October. This means that regions in the east, like Bhutan, Kanchenjunga and Makalu…

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Which Style of Trek?

There are three main ‘styles’ of trekking, each of which has pros and cons, but your choice will depend on your destination, budget, time available and personal preferences. There is no better or worse style, in fact you might find yourself combining styles in some destinations to provide a broader experience.

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Trekking as a Single Female

The first decision when deciding to trek in Nepal is whether you prefer to walk solo or to have a local accompany you along the way, for example, a guide and/or porter, or to join a group.

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Trek Duration & Grade

There is no generally accepted trekking grade system in Nepal. The system used in this website is similar to that promoted by the Swiss Alpine Club and many countries around the world. However, due to the local demands of Himalayan trekking and the effects of altitude this system is slightly modified, and should provide you with a clear idea of whether each trail is suitable for you…

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Festivals & Faiths

The other major factor to consider when deciding to visit Nepal is the festival calendar. There are more than 365 festival days just in Nepal, so there is always something happening somewhere! Almost all festivals are related to phases of the moon and do not occur on specific Gregorian calendar dates.

It is a good idea to avoid traveling on some of the main festival days such as Dashain (aka Dasain, Dussehra) or Tihar…

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Give Something Back

Many people who visit Nepal fall in love with both the country and her people. However, the level of poverty and tragic circumstances that some of the locals are suffering from often results in a desire to help. There are many ‘pro-poor’ or poverty alleviation programs throughout the country as well as community development schemes from providing and distributing emergency stretchers …

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Let’s Go to When to Trek

If you’ve made the decision to do the GHT, the next decision is to decide when to come and enjoy the mountains!

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