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GHT Community

Everyone who treks a GHT ‘end-to-end’ says it transforms them… changes them on the inside and often changes their life direction. There can be few journeys in life that can so profoundly effect you and have the potential to transform your perspectives – on yourself, the communities you live in and the world around you.

This means that the end-to-end club, that is, those folks who have walked from border to border across a Himalayan country, share something very special. You might only bump into them once in your life, but you immediately have something profound in common with each other.


GHT End-to-Enders

Consult and share stories with the trekkers, guides, porters, tea house families who create and share their lives every day!

We want to see the GHT End-to-End ‘club’ grow… for more people to experience what we believe is so simple and wonderful… to challenge yourself and become a GHTer. To help inspire your GHT plans every GHTer is happy to answer questions and share their stories and help you long the path to begin your GHT!

Hanging out with locals in Laya, Bhutan
Hanging out with locals in Laya, Bhutan

The GHTers

The GHT attracts long-distance hikers from around the world, and the stats show it!

As at September 2019, 93 trekkers had registered as hiking across Nepal from border to border, and a further 32 had been within a whisker of success!

Since 2009, the numbers of GHTers has been growing each year and we hope doing the GHT, at least in Nepal, will become as popular as climbing Mt Everest and, without a doubt, the GHT is harder!

If you’ve trekked the GHT in Nepal, India or Bhutan, then please let us know! If you’d like to submit your details to the GHT registry, then please contact us or Himalayan Adventure Labs ( with a brief outline of your route, trekking times, details of those who completed the trek, and a GPS file if you have one!

Robin Boustead

Robin first fell in love with the Himalaya in 1993 and has returned every year since. With a group of friends, he conceived the idea of developing the most challenging trek in the world along a route which encompassed the entire Himalaya from one end to the other. This became known as the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT).

Robin began researching new trekking routes that link each of the himals in 2002 and has now completed high traverses of the Indian, Bhutanese and Nepal Himalayan ranges as well as dozens of shorter treks. He completed a full traverse of the Great Himalaya Trail over two seasons, an epic journey which took six months and during which he lost over twenty percent of his body weight.

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