GHT Planning Tools

Everything you need to plan your GHT Adventure!

GHT Planning Tools

Now it’s time to get in to some serious logistics and the pages in this section should help you:

  1. Plan your GHT itinerary using the GHT Guide Book, Maps and GPS data.
  2. GHT Equipment makes sure you have the right gear for the route you’re planning.
  3. Work out a budget and make sure you understand How Much Do Treks Cost.
  4. Find a GHT Outfitter (trekking operator) who can help you bring your plans to reality.

For many folks this process can take months, so make sure you are giving yourself sufficient time before booking your flight. If you have questions, please feel free to email us or get in contact with fellow GHTers through their My-GHT Trail Talk blog posts… you will be surprised how much everyone is prepared to help you have an enjoyable, challenging and safe GHT!

Good luck and enjoy the process,

GHT Trekking Guide Book Second Edition Cover

Guides, Maps & GPS

A comprehensive range of Maps, Books and GPS files that you can download for free and/or purchase…


Planning Tools The Right Equipment

The Right Equipment

Have you got the right gear? How much gear much is too much? And how to save weight? It’s all here…


Bargaining and Tipping

How Much Do Treks Cost?

Work out your budget, check your prices and understand how much your trek costs!


trekking companies

Choosing a Trekking Company

There’s good, bad and ugly companies out there, so how to choose the right one for you?


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