GHT Nepal Short Treks

Enjoy the GHT in bite-size treks

GHT Nepal Short Treks

Here’s a chance to explore the highest mountains in the world in bite-size GHT Nepal Short Treks… choose from a smorgasbord of amazing experiences and immerse yourself again and again in authentic cultures and inspiring mountain scenery.

GHT Nepal Short Treks include the three main trekking regions, Everest, Annapurna and Langtang, which cover about 25% of Nepal’s mountains and attract tens of thousands of trekkers every year. Facilities have never been better and easily rival those found in Europe or elsewhere.

The other 75% is normally considered ‘off-the-beaten-track’ and counts visitors in mere hundreds. From the lush rhododendron forests of the east to the dense woodlands in the west, the Nepal Himalaya is predominantly wilderness dotted with remote communities that have remained relatively untouched. In these regions, a small trekking group can make a real difference to lives that are barely subsistence.

  • GHT Nepal Short Trek options from 9 to 23 days
  • There’s something for everyone – a wide variety of altitudes and fitness levels.
  • Treks for any time of year and any walking grade.


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GHT Short Treks Koto
GHT Short Treks Philim

5 Best Things about the GHT Nepal Short Treks

  1. Do the whole GHT but in small doses and as your time permits.
  2. Some are wild and remote, while others are complete with creature comforts.
  3. Learn about Nepal and build your fieldcraft skills over time.
  4. There is somewhere to go at any time of year, which makes planning much easier.
  5. Options to suit solo to large groups of trekkers.

Enjoy the GHT in bite-size, shorter stages

When to do a GHT Short Trek in Nepal?

Weather, seasons and festival timing can all combine to make this a potentially tricky decision… but then again, there is always somewhere that’s perfect at any time of year!

Most folks have limited vacation windows, so that is normally the best place to start and then decide the location. If you have your heart set on a particular destination, then you’ll have fewer timing options – for an overview of the main issues, see Get Planning.


Alternatively, browse through the treks listed and feel free to contact us about timing options?

For more information:

GHT Short Treks Salli Khola
GHT Short Treks Cho La Approach

GHT Nepal Route Map

There is a GHT Nepal Short Treks in every mountain region of Nepal’s Himalaya.

GHT Nepal Route Map

What are GHT Short Treks Costs and Impacts?

Each GHT Short Trek is assessed for social, CO2 and waste impacts, and costed to ensure that your holiday is good news for the locals and the environment.

We follow a pack-it-in, pack-it-out philosophy and rely on local supplies of staff, food and fuel at every possible opportunity. We encourage operators to be transparent in the way they communicate with you and calculate trip costs. For example, all itineraries should be costed so that you clearly understand what you are paying for.

Typical budget breakdown for a GHT Short Trek – ask for the following costs to be explained:

  1. Permits and Entry Fees
  2. Support Staff
  3. Meals and Fuel
  4. Transportation
  5. Administration & Contingencies
  6. Flexibility, Changes, Tips and Surprises

To help you budget and plan, we’ve made a comprehensive costing explanation on How Much Do Treks Cost?

GHT Short Treks Yala La Camp

Customisation is Normal

Want to do things a little differently? Maybe take some extra time, or go a bit faster? Or avoid the technical high passes? Every GHT is different and that changes the price, but please feel free to Get in Touch to ask questions and how to customise your own trek.



Please note that does not handle bookings for treks. We are here to inform you about the trails and logistics, but you will need to book through a registered trekking operator in Nepal. If you would like an operator recommendation or feedback on a company you are already talking to, then please get in touch.


Social and Environmental Impacts

The GHT has been designed around the principles of Responsible Sustainable Tourism and we do our very best to make sure that the GHT is good news for the locals and the environment along the trails. To walk the talk, we have pioneered the development of social impact assessment (see the MyGHTi project) and calculate Green House Gas and Waste created for each trek.

There is more information about how we calculate impacts at The Impact of Your Trek

GHT Nepal Short Trek Comparison Table

GHT Short Treks Comparison Table

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Costing kindly provided by Mr Pema Sherpa, Pema Treks & Expeditions, Kathmandu

For Many, the View from Poon Hill is their first Himalaya Panorama
GHT Short Treks Poon Hill View