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Every GHT journey requires extensive planning

GHT Resources: Get Planning

Our GHT Get Planning resources are the only dedicated and accurate trail descriptions for the GHT in Nepal, Bhutan and India. We update the GHT Nepal maps about every 3 years and guide book every 4 years –  the most recent edition of the guide is 2020. But Covid-19 has delayed work on new editions, so the next map series should be published by the end of 2022.

It is strongly recommended that you read the Guide Book cover to cover and cross-reference with the maps.

First Decisions

Before you jump on a plane and arrive in Kathmandu full of excitement for the challenge ahead, it makes sense to research the type of GHT journey you would like to have… why? Because there are so many options in the hills and so many people prepared to tell you that anything is possible, it would be a pity of you started a trek to find that it really wasn’t what you wanted to do after all…. learn more.

When to Trek?

The most important factor in deciding when to trek in the Himalaya is the weather, which has a monsoonal climate; heavy rains driven north from the Bay of Bengal engulf the region from June/July to September/October. This means that regions in the east, like Bhutan, Kanchenjunga and Makalu, receive heavier amounts of rain than in the west… learn more

Where to Trek?

Whether you want to trek for 3 days or 5 months, it really makes sense to have a clear idea of where you would like to go… that doesn’t mean that you have to plan every step of the way (that’s actually not possible) but at least have a rough itinerary that you can share and discuss with potential trekking operators… learn more

Flight & Travel Tips

Ready to buy your ticket? Need to know about visas and permits? And what about insurance? This is where your budget really starts to work itself out and your plans are finalising… learn more

GHT Planning Tools

This section is full of information that you will need to consider while planning your trek and while you are actually on the trail – so it includes GPS data, information on weather and climate, equipment tips and ideas and solutions to finding the right trekking operator! … learn more

On the Ground

Well you’ve landed! Welcome to the Himalaya! Here’s some useful information about dealing with the day-to-day hassles as well as keeping yourself healthy, and just in case, what to do when things go wrong… learn more

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